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Since starting out with the School back in 2004 we have spent our time teaching this wonderful therapy to people from all over the world. These years have been hugely rewarding for us and watching The Bio-Energy School go from strength to strength has been like watching our own baby grow. Our training team are a very special group of people. The pride and fun we all derive from our work is something which we all know we’re lucky to feel every day.

We have carved a niche for ourselves by providing a professional training course that is structured and student centred. We pride ourselves on the positive feedback we receive at the end of each course. We maintain a connection with our trained therapists through optional ongoing training. Each year we run an Advanced Weekend that brings our therapists to a higher level of connection to the therapy. We also have a Retreat in sunny Spain where we mix energy, fun, recharging, sunshine and a bit of sangria! Our Refresher days dust off the cobwebs and make sure we’re all staying up to speed without any little bad habits creeping in. All of our training is given in a lighthearted, relaxed environment.

Our motto of “Bringing Learning To Life” is evident in the classroom as well as in our day to day lives. We want everyone to be able to create the lives they wish for and our vision is for every family to have someone who is a Bio-Energy therapist who can pass on the knowledge they’ve learned through The Bio-Energy School as well as being able to help with life’s little bumps and bruises. Our Working with Kids course really pushes this home.

Bio-Energy has taken us along a path we’d never have believed possible. We’re forever grateful for the experiences it has brings to us each day. We love to see others starting on that very same path with us and feel privileged to get to walk some of the way with so many people.

We hope you enjoy taking a stroll through our website and who knows maybe we’ll have the pleasure of walking together at some point in the future!

Sinéad & Orla

Our Therapist Training can be done in either of two ways


8 Month Therapist Training

This course runs over 8 months.  It allows time for group participation, bonding and a deep self development.  It is perfect for anyone who’d enjoy making the experience one of adventure and learning while building friendships along the way.

Course Fee: €2,200 (instalment payment plan available)

Early Bird Discount €1,900

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Intensive 1 Weekend Therapist Training

This course is for those who’d like to spend less time but still gain all the information of the longer course.  The course content is the same and you  come away a fully qualified Bio-Energy Therapist once you’ve successfully completed all examinations.  This course is dynamic and exciting!  Students really enjoy the way the information builds and progresses as we work through the weekend.  You complete the weekend having built a knowledge base that can change your life.  You’ll take away a printed manual with all course notes contained in it, clearly instructed videos detailing every technique you’ve learned as well as sample sessions in full technicolour glory to use for practice and recall purposes!  These are fab tools to enhance your learning.

Next Intensive Course Dates:

Fri Oct 20th 2017 9am-9pm Modules 1, 2 & 3

Sat Oct 21st 9am-9pm Modules 3, 4 & 5

Sun Oct 22nd 9am-5pm Modules 6, 7 & Practical Exam

Course Fee: €2,000

Early Bird Discount up to Aug 31st 2017 €1,700

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 The course content is the same for both courses and can be viewed on our Prospectus.


Take a sneak peek at the types of videos below that will be available to you! 

(Just click and play.  Be warned there is sound!)

These are samples of the types of videos you’ll receive after each Module so you can watch them at home and practice them at your own speed.  You’ll receive a video of every technique we cover as well as a sample session using everything you’ve learned to that point.  This makes remembering and practicing at home really easy!


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The Bio-Energy School Training Diploma offers you the opportunity to learn about, and understand, the theory behind energy. It teaches you how to recognise and control energy during your day-to-day life. It also gives you the ability to work as a Bio-Energy Therapist.

You’ll study the way energy moves in the Universe, how it affects us as individuals and how we can use it to improve our emotional, physical and mental well-being.

The course is structured in a way that encourages step by step learning and focuses greatly on practical implementation. You’ll be taught how to connect with energy on every level, through touch, sight, sound and psychic interpretation.
As you progress through the hands-on side of the course you’ll also be taught about the theory behind energy. You’ll learn about your own energy system, how it works and why it moves the way it does.

This carefully structured learning ensures that you gain the most phenomenal self-development while also opening the door to a new and rewarding career if so desired. But most importantly you’ll have found a new skill and knowledge, which you can use to help yourself and those around you every single day of the rest of your life.

Each student will be supplied with a Training Manual that contains all the notes and information required for the course as well as receiving each and every technique and session on a memory device which allows for ease of learning and assisted study at home.

All of the training courses we run are facilitated by members of our training team who are qualified therapists and have undergone our trainer training programme.  Our team is made up a diverse group of characters who’s main link is a passion for Bio-Energy and a natural talent for passing on information along with a willingness to share their own life and energy experiences.

 Whether you’d like intensive training where you come, you learn and you go or you’d prefer to spend a little more time with us we have just what you’re looking for!


More About Our Training Team!


A few words off the cuff from one of our students at the Graduation night celebratory meal.

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